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Introducing trueVR - Experience the Future of Immersive Entertainment



Step into the future of virtual reality with trueVR. Experience a world where technology meets imagination, crafted to deliver the most immersive VR adventures available today. Our cutting-edge full-body tracking system captures your every move with unparalleled precision, immersing you fully in expansive virtual landscapes.

At trueVR, we harness the latest advancements in VR technology, integrating 4D effects and interactive physical props to create a sensory experience that's second to none. From the rush of wind to subtle changes in temperature, every element is designed to enhance your virtual presence.

Explore exclusive, in-house developed games in large scale setups designed for up to 10 players. Whether you're navigating mystical lands, surviving zombie hordes, or competing in high-stakes PvP battles, trueVR offers the ultimate in high-quality virtual reality


Be one of the first venues in your country to offer a high-end immersive VR experience and secure your position in this emerging market.


Due to its novelty factor VR is still hyped by the media, benefit from free press-coverage to boost your venues visibility.


Set yourself apart from your competition: Laser-tag, escape rooms and video arcades are already abundant and most entertainment venues either do not offer VR entertainment at all or are limited to consumer grade VR systems designed for the living room that lack a high level of immersion.

quick and cost saving

No time-consuming arena rebuilds: Arena layouts are software-generated, there are no physical walls that need to be installed or rebuilt when adding new games.


VR enables you to change content on the fly, host many different experiences in the same arena at the click of a button without having to make physical changes to the arena.


Suitable for ages 10 and up, there is something for everyone from family-friendly exploration-genre titles to zombie-shooter games.

Benefits of Offering a Premium Location-Based Virtual Reality Entertainment Solution

What trueVR Offers

Standard Arena Sizes

Small arena - up to 5 players

10x10 meters / ~33x33 feet

Large arena - up to 10 players

10x20 meters / ~33x66 feet

Financial Requirements

  • trueVR Small Package - 5 Player: Our turn-key solution includes hardware, software, content, installation, training, and support starting at ~$160,000 with a subsequent 10% revenue share.

  • trueVR Large Package - 10 Player: This comprehensive turn-key solution also includes hardware, software, content, installation, training, and support, starting at ~$320,000 with a 10% revenue share.

  • Cost-Saving Options: Some items can be sourced locally, and pre-installations may be completed by the client, potentially reducing costs. For further details and customization options, please contact us.


Players’ heads, backs, hands and feet are tracked in real-time allowing for accurate in-game character actions as well as advanced interactions between players.


Our games are of the highest quality and take full advantage of 4D-effects, props, and full-body motion tracking. The high level of immersion is maintained by fluent level changes without loading screens that would interrupt the experience.


We develop 2+ new games each year that are exclusive to our partners and not available to the general public.


trueVR elevates the level of immersion by incorporating additional sensory stimulation. Step outside a temple and feel the wind on your face, experience the warmth near a fire, and encounter various scents that seamlessly blend the experience with reality.


The operator UI is intuitive and easy to use which saves a great deal of time when training new staff members.


Instead of solely relying on virtual elements, we create our own game-specific, fully trackable props to facilitate real-world interaction within the game. Players can physically engage with objects like torches, planks, cranks, wheels, and recoil guns, enriching the virtual experience with tangible interactions.  


Get detailed game and performance statistics and customer analyses which aid you in making sound business decisions.


Use the same arena for our different titles and offer your customers a good selection of VR-experiences.


We are passionate about VR and want you to succeed! Our equipment is reasonably priced and we offer a fair revenue-split to ensure that you are not held back by excessive franchise fees.

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