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Zombie Shooter


6x6 meter

8x8 meter 

10x10 meter 

12x12 meter 

10x18 meter





Survival is just a few floors away in "Down from Roof," where the city's skyline becomes your deadliest enemy! Trapped on a rooftop with dusk settling in, your sanctuary quickly turns into a death trap as zombies begin to swarm the escape stairs. The only way out? Fight your way down to the open streets below in a desperate race against time and terror. Navigate through the dimming light and claustrophobic hallways, using speed and cunning to avoid the relentless undead. Every floor takes you closer to freedom, but the zombies are just as determined to drag you back. Ready your reflexes, load your weapons, and move fast—the night is falling, and survival waits for no one. Can you make it to the streets and find a new refuge before it's too late? Play "Down from Roof" and live the thrill of the escape!

Down from roof

Zombie Shooter
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