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trueVRsystems offers a premium selection of custom-made content.
All experiences are based on a free-roam & full-body setup with props and 4D-effects.

We are continuously working on new titles, please have a look at the current library:


We offer two standard arena setups:

10x10 m (~33x33 ft) arena: perfectly suited for smaller locations such as  shopping malls where real-estate is at a premium. Up to 5 players can share an interactive and immersive 20-minute experience within the same physical space.


11x20 m (~36x66 ft) arena: allows you to either run two small-arena games simultaneously or to host large groups of up to 10 players in our exclusive titles such as Tikal. 

*illustration shows a typical trueVR 11x20 m setup for up to 10 player

Space requirements

Your offer may include some side-attractions which need more space.

10x10 m (~33x33 ft) arena: Apart from the 10x10 m playground you need around another 60-100m2 for cashdesk, gear-up and waiting area.

11x20 m (~36x66 ft) arena: Apart from the 11x20m playground we recommend around another 100-300m2 for cashdesk, gear-up, waiting area and bar.

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